About the editor:

My name is Julio Prato. I’m a musician, producer, writer and avid listener born in Caracas, Venezuela. I came to St Louis to study Music Performance and stayed after I graduated– as soon as I started playing in the city’s DIY scene I fell in love with the place and the community. I play guitar and sing in a band called Kids that can be found here. I also produced a large portion of the catalog in the Grownup Music label, co-founded by me and Antonio Leone. You can find those albums here.

The St Louis Music Report is a place to give local music the spotlight they deserve. The music scene in this city is forward thinking, creative and powerful, and I have seen too many releases and shows disappear into nothingness due to lack of attention. This site is my attempt to do my part and cover as much new music from the city as possible in the hopes of helping preserve it. There’s also an event calendar, where you can find the most recent shows in the city.

St Louis is home to an inspiring musical climate, and this is my attempt to immortalize some of it. Thank you for reading!