Mvstermind puts forth a cinematic video for “Square Up”

Cover art for Mvstermind's "Square Up" music video. Features bold yellow text that reads the title of the song and the artist with decorative broken glass. Behind the text, the artist has his fists up near his face and is standing on top of a car

St. Louis rapper Mvstermind released a new music video off of his 2020 EP “BE.” The video is for “Square Up,” and the production team pulled all stops. The narrative itself sees Mvstermind get his car stolen and auctioned off to purchase the last pair of his Dr. Scholl’s collab sneakers, all set in dynamic backdrops of St Louis alleyways, convenience stores and used car retailers. The cinematography is strong, reinforcing an old school grainy feel. Check it out if you haven’t, it’s one of the best videos I’ve seen out of the city in a while.

Follow Mvstermind on Instagram here.

Watch “Square Up” via Youtube below:

Stream Mvstermind’s “BE” via Spotify below:

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