The Centaurettes feel “f*cking hurt” by privilege in new single Trust Fund Tree

The Centaurettes refer to their sound as “pastel punk”, a genre name that matches their energy of free expression. The local trio, Bionca, Derek, and Danny, have been ripping their straightforward and passionate songwriting on different stages around St. Louis this year, including their DIY basement venue “Wolfpussy”. They’ve also released a decent amount of new music in 2021, including a six-song EP Cute To Be Mean in May, and now the single “Trust Fund Tree” in November — a track which demonstrates their strengths in rage and range.

The song begins with a creeping marching-band snare beat and audio of a woman threatening to beat someone up. Menacing guitar and bass riffs get louder and layered as Bionca’s alluring vocals pour: “Mommy and daddy…never gave me any money…”. A critique on generational wealth and how money does grow on (family) trees, The Centaurettes’ “Trust Fund Tree” nails the fun/serious punk dichotomy of this concept.

Follow The Centaurettes on Instagram here.

Listen to “Trust Fund Tree” via Spotify below:

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