Birdie Edge paints vast sceneries with their new “Jinx”

Birdie Edge is an Alabaman instrumentalist who made St Louis their home a few years ago. They’ve been heavily involved in the high octane brand of St Louis hardcore for a while now, taking on roles in the electrifying punk outfit Freon and more recently hopping ship with the Hippyfuckers. Surprisingly however, a good chunk of their work has been dedicated to an earthy, rural acoustic solo self-titled project centered around the resonant nature of their steel string acoustic guitar and complex Americana finger-picked patterns.

Their first project Jinx works as a showcase of the instrumental songs they’ve been presenting live for the past year. The compositions themselves dance between the simple ground of folk and the more evocative colors of borrowed chords in unexpected registers; a clear inclination towards deeply American harmony infuses every track with a characteristic blues and twang that grounds every arrangement. The performances feel personal and organic thanks to the intrinsically human imperfections and fluctuations that riddle the track list, and the intimacy and warmth of Ben Osborne’s recording work puts the cherry atop this heartwarming packet of expansive landscapes, road stories and adventurous flair contained entirely within roughly 15 minutes of instrumental guitar.

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Listen to Jinx via Bandcamp below:

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