New Music Circle announces Kee Avil/Wendy Eisenberg Video Concert Premiere

New Music Circle has announced the premiere of a video concert hosted on Youtube featuring acoustic guitar, banjo, poem and vocal performer Wendy Eisenberg, as well as electronics and guitar experimentalist Kee Avil. This video concert will premiere live on the New Music Circle Youtube page this coming Monday February 8th at 8:15pm (CST). Avid concert goers in St Louis know NMC’s reputation precedes them, and this presentation should be no exception to it.

New Music Circle has been offering experimental concerts in the city of St Louis for years. Evidently, the age of Covid made those efforts to entertain the weirdos of the city a bit more difficult, but they have pushed through with a new formatting for their concert series. All concerts are pre-recorded, then shared live in a movie release style format, avoiding the inevitable issues and shortcomings of a live stream and offering a more cohesive and focused experience. I’ve caught a couple of these and I highly recommend not sleeping on this one.

Watch Damon Smith and Jayve Montgomery perform for NMC’s latest Video Concert:

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