Christopher Moor releases his reflective “renditions” EP

Album cover for Christopher Moor's Renditions EP. Features a downwards shot of the snowy ground with the feet (in boots) of a person standing there. Some branches are coming out of the snow.

St. Louis guitarist Christopher Moor has come out with a new EP. “renditions” features him on guitar and vocals, as well as Justin Vogt on miscellaneous percussion. Although the tracks in here vary in intensity, an intention of sound exploration permeates the whole track list. All the compositions here make use of droning guitars, erratic rhythms and looping textures to put forth different landscape ideas. The EP also features some vocal spots that despite being more reliant on regular song structure also attempt to encapsulate this wide, reflective feeling.

Follow Christopher Moor on Instagram here.

Listen to “renditions” via Bandcamp below:

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