Complainer and Moonrace announce new 7 inch split

Complainer, the post-punk brain child of Mabel Suen (guitar, saxophone, vocals) and Joe Hess (drums), has announced a split vinyl 7inch with space voyagers Moonrace, a duo comprised of the same Joe on drums and the visual artist Curtis Tinsley on synthesizer. The release comes from the usual suspects at Already Dead Tapes, a label that has worked closely with both of these bands throughout the year. Curtis designed the album art on the split, as well as an 8 page comic book included with the vinyl. The release features two tracks from each outfit and although it hasn’t been released yet, a single track preview from each band can be streamed via Bandcamp already. Both songs play to each band’s strengths very well, presenting well crafted and to the point compositions that rely on the sound and personality of each outfit. Check out the release and pre-order right here.

Follow Complainer on Instagram here.

Follow Curtis Tinsley on Instagram here

Listen to “Split” via Already Dead Tapes Bandcamp below:

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