Local venue bar The Sinkhole announces virtual concert weekly series

It has been hard to come across live music in the past year. The implications of the pandemic have forced artists to reinvent how they present music to their followers in creative ways just to figure. This issue isn’t reserved to artists, however– the venues that were hosting the shows in the first place now struggle to stay afloat within this new panorama.

The local venue The Sinkhole decided to take matters into their own hands by putting forth a new virtual concert series streamed directly from their recording studio. “I Watched Music On The Internet” puts forth four 3-band weekly Sunday bills that start on March 21st and go all the way up to April 11th. This last night of the series also doubles as a record release stream for The Lion’s Daughter. Individual night tickets will run you 10$ a pop through Live Ent Now, but you can also pay 25$ for a season pass that would allow entry to all four events. T shirts and Blu-rays are also available, so make sure to visit the page and check out what they’ve got.

Check out “I Watched Music On The Internet” on their Live Ent Now page by clicking here

Follow The Sinkhole on Instagram here

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