algae dust and hennen announce a tape split with two new singles

Alison Setili of Frankie Valet and Hannah Rainey of Shady Bug and Dubb Nubb have announced a new split cassette for It Takes Time Records under their respective monikers algae dust and hennen. The announcement comes after some teaser livestream shows and posts from Hannah, and the release is scheduled to happen this coming Friday April 23rd.

The singles presented draw a contrast, with algae dust’s “grasp” shooting for live drums, guitars and more human instrumentation for a blissful chamber pop feel, while hennen’s “auto-pilot” (recorded all in an iPhone, as is the rest of her side of the split) pushes a more synthetic sound highlighted by telephone style vocals, easy going electronics, and the strong sense of melody characteristic of Hannah’s music. This contrast in production could be promising a dynamic and varied split, and the track list is long enough to assure that we’ll have plenty of music to enjoy.

Follow algae dust on Instagram here, and hennen here

Listen to “grasp” and “auto-pilot” via Bandcamp below

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