Columbia’s Expert Work Records announce In Medias Res time capsule LP with new single

Columbia, MO based label Expert Work Records have taken it upon themselves to revitalize a piece of St Louis punk history with a new LP of old recordings of In Medias Res, a St Louis dance punk outfit active between 2001 and 2004. “Penny/Adequate” features 13 unreleased tracks from an album that never was denominated “The Penny Sessions,” as well as the 4 tracks featured on “Adequate,” the band’s first and only project. It will be pressed on vinyl (which you can pre-order here), and is scheduled to ship out and be released digitally in September.

To help with the revitalization, Expert Work enlisted Brian Scheffer and Kit Gesmundo to mix the recordings from scratch. The luster shows, as the included single “Medicine Bag” sounds crisp and polished while retaining the raw feel of the Gang of Four influenced quartet. It’s very exciting to see old St Louis projects be brought back to life, as so much local music gets lost in the waves as the years go by. I can’t wait to hear what In Medias Res had to offer.

Follow Expert Work Records on Instagram here

Listen to “Medicine Bag” via Bandcamp below

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