Dre’Co’s new album Therapy Sessions tells a story of self-reflection

STL rapper Dre’Co released his newest album Therapy Sessions in June. The release is full of hard-hitting radio-ready tracks with catchy hooks. It’s a highly aspirational project that deals with the life of an up-and-coming artist, familial roles, and a search for meaning. Dre’Co’s motivations for his tireless career building are explored using the narrative framework of several therapy sessions. These interludes alongside other elements in the track list work do a lot to tell a larger story about the artist and his journey. Highlights include “Letter 2 Fam” & “A Few Ways”. The former is an excellent thesis that captures both the excitement and melancholy of an uncertain future. The latter is an earworm about the focused pursuit of money moves.

Follow Dre’co on Instagram here.

Listen to “Therapy Sessions” via Bandcamp below:

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