Holy Posers warms us with fall track GREENER GRASS

St. Louis indie-rock group Holy Posers have been trickling out singular tracks here and there on Bandcamp throughout the pandemic, ever since releasing their groove-heavy album Are You Sure You’re Having Fun? in January 2020. Lead poser, Trent Dickerson, seems to have a devotion to collaboration, but his most recent song, “Greener Grass” takes a divergence into solo territory. This intimate composition is performed all by Dickerson, recorded in his home and released earlier this September. “Greener Grass”, a self-described “fall song”, pulls us close with warm guitar, bass, and glimmering accents of keys. The song shines most with clear, real-life lyrics (“I drove us to Urgent Care”) in Dickerson’s soft vocals, reminiscent of Sufjan Stevens. It’s definitely a stand-out track for Holy Posers, filled with lyrical longing to lead us into colder months.

You can catch Holy Posers and other friends at The Holiday Show at Off Broadway, Saturday December 11th at 8pm.

Follow Holy Posers on Instagram here.

Listen to “Greener Grass” via Bandcamp below:

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