KVtheWriter shares break-up song FIND YOURS and builds STL community

Local hip-hop and R&B artist KVtheWriter released a stunning new single “Find Yours” on November 8th, produced by Mvchxne. This song of acceptance and moving on from a “rollercoaster relationship” repeats the lines: “You deserve more love / than I can give / I can give ya.” Vocals rise in pitch, building and blooming with smooth keys and beats, to give “Find Yours” its contemplative vibe. “Find Yours” is available via all streaming platforms for streaming and purchase.

It’s been a busy fall for KVtheWriter (Kayla Thompson) here in St. Louis. On November 10th, her April release Unplugged was reviewed by Bandcamp Features, with the headline “KVtheWriter is Conquering St. Louis.” This statement may prove true: her and local apparel brand Profield Reserve organized a huge collaborative studio session of STL artists, producers, and engineers on October 23rd. The resulting recordings, Profield Sessions #4, were premiered and celebrated (along with specialty Profield merch of course) at a SESSIONS Artist Mixer on November 11th at House of Soul on Wash Ave. All these projects should leave fans looking forward to what KV has in store for the future.

Keep in touch with KVtheWriter and all she does on Instagram and Twitter.

Listen to “Find Yours” via Bandcamp below:

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