The Mall’s An Answer finally has a music video, thanks to international talent

St. Louis synth-wave electronic act The Mall (Mark Plant) may have almost 78,000 views on a youtube stream of their hit release “ZONE”, but never a proper music video. That was true until December 1st this week, when a group of strangers from Paris released a cinematic rendering of one of The Mall’s most beloved tracks, “AN ANSWER.”

Directed, produced, and edited by Delilah McArthur, aided by director of photography Julien Borel, and starring Christopher “Different” Beaubrun, the video for “AN ANSWER” provides a visual narrative of a body bursting through landscapes. The dancer Different glows and glitches and swings into urban public transit all the way to barren green fields, pulsing against The Mall’s yelling vocals, hypnotic beats, and synth swirls. The result is a journey of energy; how loss of control can lead to transformation, for better or for worse.

Follow The Mall via Instagram here.

Watch the music video for AN ANSWER below:

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