Bates new video for “Vendetta” stomps in with raw power

Local rapper Bates reinforces her commanding presence in the south city scene effortlessly with a new music video offering courtesy of ImagineYouMedia’s Off The Rip Live Performance series. “Vendetta” is aggressive and powerful while also maintaining a cool and collected attitude. Bates’ visceral and raspy timbre delivers lines upon lines of confident defiance at any target that might get in the way atop a thumping beat colored by circling pianos and rumbling sub bass. It comes in hot right away, and doesn’t let go of the heat once until the runtime is over.

It’s hard to think of a song more appropriate for the setting of the video. The center aisle of a convenience store unaltered except for a lone hanging microphone provides Bates’ energy with a stage and a context– the claustrophobic close shots and rapid fire editing only serve to reinforce the MC’s sheer power on the mic. Behind the rapper is the blurry counter of the store with a line of shoppers; some patiently wait in line while others thump along with the banger and smile at the camera. Bates’ live performance elevates the track to new heights, giving the cutthroat verses a face that is cool, collected, and as ready to take a sip from her oversized styrofoam cup as she is ready to pounce if needed.

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Watch the music video for “Vendetta” via Youtube below:

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