Sloopy McCoy closes the year with her new “doorways ep”

A couple days before Christmas, Sloopy McCoy (Lucy D) released a project of five new experimental rock songs titled “doorways ep”, continuing her prolific output of catchy and collage-like home recordings. Sloopy McCoy’s fuzzy post-punk bass and melodic lo-fi vocals serve as a heartbeat to the track list, which concludes with the a bizarre combination of Willie Nelson and the honking of geese. Sloopy’s inspiration for the release is attributed to a transitory period of her life, something most of us can probably relate to right now — reconsidering work and jobs, going in and out of door frames.

The song “see u tonight” stands out as a highlight in the project. It feels like a slowed-down sixties girl pop crooner during the verses (“I’d love to see u tonight”) decisively challenged with a contrasting and anxiety-inducing answer in the chorus (“but I can’t / and I won’t”). The song is accompanied by a stop-motion music video of smearing paint by local artist Carmen Roses which premiered at Unconnected Incidents last fall, a new St. Louis film festival for short films and music videos.

Follow Sloopy McCoy on Instagram here.

Listen to “doorways ep” via Bandcamp below:

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