Big Step & Nick G are riding the same “Wave” with collab track

With a new year comes new eagerness to try new things, to collaborate with friends (when it feels safe to do so), and maybe even create some 3D rendered album art. All of the above are true for St. Louis musical acts Big Step (Jordan Paine) and Nick G, who put out the grungy track “Wave” at the beginning of January 2022. Both artists’ unique vocals trail the other’s, with Nick G’s bold guitar pounding the surfy waves of Paine’s drumming. It’s an optimistic rock song: Despite beginning with the sentiment “desperation’s gone full stop”, there’s a hope for a push towards “the best day coming to.” This fun collaboration is a head-bobbing listen, and a reminder of the potential chemistry of STL musicians when they choose to rock out together.

Follow Big Step and Nick G on Instagram.

Listen to “Wave” via Bandcamp below:

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