“The Heritage Book” opens Zak M’s year in intimate song

The prolific Zak M has come forth with “The Heritage Book”, a small collection of songs that open up his new year. Made known to most by his exaggerated timbre of voice along his mastery of the guitar, and made legendary to certain due to his otherworldly lyrical, conceptual and compositional intentions, Zak M’s approach to the song seems to be alive and well. This new EP however contributes further development on some of the musical themes I wrote about in the album report for his “Passenger Zero” album in ways both interesting and perhaps foretelling.

In fact, Zak’s song on his “Heritage Book” sacrifices a bit of the cryptic and esoteric content characteristic of his songwriting for more palpable emotional depth in the shape of folk and American song, a process made seamless in part by crisp and clear production that put this inseparable combination of voice and guitar front, center and warmly close. The five songs featured here are sizeable yet scrimped in length, filled with endearing and stimulating imagery, adorned by sultry and inspired harmonic release, and forming of an impactful idea of what it means to write a song. Zak’s take on this question is thoroughly sincere and heartfelt, making it impossible to look away.

Follow Zak M on Instagram here.

Listen to “The Heritage Book” via Bandcamp below:

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