Greg Dallas’ new audiovisual double single marks his return to STL

St. Louis born producer and artist Greg Dallas spent some time away from the city studying in Boston and living in New York before making his way back home. He recently released an exciting double single in the vein of experimental and hypnotic electronics. The cryptically titled pieces Epsilon Indi Bb and Lacaille 8760 follow through with their presentation and provide frantically paced minimal electronic textures and sharp arpeggiated sequences respectively resulting in a short and concise final product. There’s a cohesive bridge between both compositions that gives them a sense of mutual fraternity, adding consistency to the project.

In addition to the audio, Greg also released accompanying visuals on his Youtube page. The animations for Epsilon Indi Bb focus on rhythmic geometry akin to scanlines that morphs on tempo to the hurried pace of the music. Lacaille 8760‘s video riffs on similar ideas minus the driving force of the kick drum in the previous piece and a deeper focus on oscillation with the arpeggiator. Both the cohesive presentation of this audiovisual release and the textural work implemented in both compositions leave me looking forward to what we might hear from Greg Dallas next.

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Watch Epsilon Indi Bb via Greg Dallas’ Youtube Channel below

Watch Lacaille 8760 via Greg Dallas’ Youtube Channel below

Listen to Epsilon Indi Bb/Lacaille8760 via Bandcamp below

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