“Vess Soda” by Audio Chef feat. Pinkcaravan! & 89 Primo blasts STL’s best beverage

If you need any more reason to rush over to QuikTrip, open the fridge door, and pick out your favorite flavor of Vess, St. Louis natives Audio Chef, Pinkcaravan!, and 89 Primo just dropped a new anthem for you. Vess Soda is a sweet and smooth hip-hop track about STL’s specialty carbonated drink, featuring 89 Primo on verses and the catchy chorus, and Pinkcaravan!’s signature rap style on her section.

Audio Chef, the song’s producer, released Vess Soda as part of his new debut EP Thanks for Not Listening which came out on January 11th, 2022. He’s a producer to watch, with the bubbly movement of beats that keep this song carefree and light, yet looping in my head long after the 2:24 minutes are through. Pinkcaravan!, one of St. Louis’s finest, gives the track her upbeat, fun-loving vibe in her featured verse. Now I’m craving a pineapple Vess (“that’s my favorite pop”) and Chinese food…

Follow Audio Chef, Pinkcaravan!, and 89 Primo on Instagram.

Watch the video for Vess Soda via Youtube below:

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