hippyfuckers’ debut “Pink Eye Demo” beats not around the bush

Considering the prevalence of hardcore circles in St Louis, it was inevitable that some new acts would make their way into the ears and shows of the city during the pandemic. Hippyfuckers is one of such bands, and if I were to go off the amount of shows I see them featured in I’d say they’re one of the busiest ones. People might recognize some of the members from work with Royal Brat and Warm Bodies, and the sound of their debut Pink Eye Demo should make fans of the local hardcore scene feel right at home.

Pink Eye Demo, engineered by Nick G and mastered by Graham Travel follows punk convention in familiar ways. The project’s roughly 10 minute long runtime, the blistering speed of delivery and Sandy’s screams and wails on the microphone all keep this release straightforward and fresh without a need to reinvent the wheel. I was surprised however by how clean and clear the mix ended up being without compromising the raw demo feel. I was also intrigued by the band’s compositional intentions; the hippyfuckers often allow themselves to be melodically sound and harmonically traditional to achieve a refreshing sound that sets them apart from the angular progressions one usually hears in the modern hardcore canon. It’s a colorful release that should keep followers of the band excited for what they’ll come up with next.

Listen to Pink Eye Demo via hippyfuckers’ Bandcamp below:

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