Producer Save Ferris drops “Therapy” single featuring the Based God himself

Local Hip Hop producer Save Ferris has come through with his second single. Therapy is a mellow and introspective production centered around a melancholy pad loop and ill pronounced percussion. The track feels straightforward enough until the iconic yell of “BASED GOD” marks Lil B’s arrival to the mix. B delivers the first verse of the single in his usual disjointed stream of consciousness matter, leaning into familiar themes of positivity, love for the world and humanity, and serenity against opposition. Save Ferris comes in for a verse at the end mirroring the Based God’s sentiments. The song is simple and doesn’t stray far from its main idea at any given point, but seeing Lil B featured on a song by a producer relatively new to the STL scene proved endearing to hear and exciting to think about.

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Listen to Therapy via Spotify below:

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