“Love What You Do” shows Home&Office in complete control of the concept

From my first listen to the post-corporate paradise of MIDI bliss and neo-nostalgia that is Home&Office’s catalog, I have become obsessed. It’s honestly crazy to think of when I first discovered Home&Office back in 2019, and how it seemed no one knew about this uniquely inspired endeavor by the hand of Trauma Harness’ Andy Peterson. Only two albums were out at the time, and I had to ask him privately before writing my album report on “Home Office 2” because I feared he intended for it to be a secret. Fast forward to now and avid enthusiasts of St Louis electronic music are well aware of the masterful handling of groove and vibe touted by this musical extravaganza, as well as the equal parts hilarious and chilling implications made through its conceptual corporate base.

Their new album “Love What You Do,” released on a beautiful cassette package by Tiger Blood Tapes, builds on the foundational skyscraper Home&Office has become without trying to reinvent the wheel. Musically not much has changed at the core, but certain influences seem more prevalent. The shout inducing piano solo featured on the opener “Onboarding” displays an inclination towards the pristine and meticulous funk that bleeds onto many tracks here, whereas songs like “Number One in the Office” opt for a controlled epic sound that borrows from space travel, JRPGs and fantasy fanfare. The silky and revolving sample-based vaporwave influences have stepped aside a bit to make more space for a balanced combination of thorough composition, rewarding counterpoint and satisfyingly cheesy textures. It’s a decision I welcome, as the whole track list keeps me engaged in a quasi-artificial and deeply infectious bounce that constantly shifts and evolves without ever letting go. If you’re a fan of computer music, whatever that might mean, Home&Office’s new album (and whole catalog, to be honest) is a must listen.

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Listen to “Love What You Do” via Tiger Blood Tapes’ Bandcamp below:

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